Micro Inverter

WVC -1200(Wireless) Using IP65 waterproof streamline design, Can effectively prevent rainwater on the surface erosion, Built-in high-performance Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT)Function,Better able to track changes in the solar luminosity and control different output power, Effectively capture and collect sunlight. AC electric power transmission using the reverse transmission technology, Is one of our patented technology, The inverter output power can provide load priority use, Extra electricity to the grid, Efficient use of the inverter to the power emitted, Electricity transmission rate of up to 99%.Communication: The inverter communicates with the collector using the wire less communication 433 / 462MHz mode, and the collector communicates with the computer using the RS232 serial port mode. Intelligent monitoring system, can collect real -time inverter data, can control the inverter boot / shutdown / power adjustment function.

leading features

  • Transformer-Less and compact design
  • IP65 Industrial protection class
  • MPPT Effiency >99%
  • Maximum Efficiency >98%
  • Mimic LCD Display
  • Option Remote monitoring through GPRS/wifi kit
  • Wide Voltage Range for Grid Synchronisation
  • Wide Frequency Range for Grid Synchronisation