Solar Irrigation Pump

Our pump controllers have now been certified by Underwriter laboratories for IP65 specifications. It has been rated to have an overall efficiency of 96.63%. These controllers are so reliable that we offer a 2 year replacement guarantee extendable to a 5 year replacement guarantee Our customers have reported that where all other competing pump controller products from top MNCs failed to perform, our solar pump controller has come through with flying colors.

The feedback has been the following Our pump controllers give at least 20% higher output than any other product they have tried out. This is in direct comparison to top MNC brands Our pump controllers have worked in drip irrigation systems too. This is where every other well known competing product has failed In addition We now have 2 in 1 capability i.e.

1. The same panels can now be used to run the pumps as well as  run the inverters with just 2 batteries to store power.

  2. Our controllers have all protections includedand also have optional features like automatic mains changeover and remote monitoring

3. In addition, our controllers can pump water from as low as a1000 feet

4. Our state of the art MPPTs have the following state of the art features   a)   An efficiency of 99%   b)  The feature to run the full load directly generated by the solar panels once the batteries have been charged. This reduces battery usage thereby prolonging its life. It also allow for  the customer to reduce the number of batteries requires and therefore reduces the cost of the overall system.  Built in LCD monitor that provides information to the customer.  Remote monitoring above 5KVA capacity  Can take panels up to 1.2 times its capacity. Our off grid inveterate state of the art and have the following features An efficiency of between 90%-94%. DSP based technology with interleaved MPPT switching Automatic changeover facility to run the load on solar after batteries have been charged